Is Your Lawn Thirsty?

Compost Tea is the easiest, quickest and most inexpensive way to fertilize your lawn organically. Filled with the vital nutrients your lawn is craving, Goat Tea is an excellent fertilizer, soil conditioner, reduces disease, and improves overall soil health. Read more

Why Organic is Best

Natural, organic lawn practices are safer for people, pets, and the environment. Your lawn can actually become addicted to the harmful, man-made chemicals. Read more

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Save the bees

3 Ways to Help the Bees

What’s going on? All across North America, honey bees are disappearing. It was reported last season that 37 million bees died on a single farm. It is a tremendous problem that can devastate our agricultural systems. Why are bees important for farming? Worker bees contribute to the natural plant growing process, especially our food farms. […]

fall clean-up

The Importance of a Fall Clean-Up

The first sign that fall is coming is the beautiful and colorful leaves on the trees. Eventually those leaves do fall off the trees creating a fun play environment for children and pets. However, it also means hours of work cleaning them up. As labor intense as it may be to clean-up and dispose of […]

damaged lawn

Rejuvenating Your Damaged Lawn

During last years drought, many lawns took a serious beating. Many home owners neglected to water their lawns due to the cost or environmental concerns. We often heard customers say that opposed to watering they were simply going to let the lawn go dormant. The problem with this approach is that in order for lawn […]

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