Fertilization & Weed Control

one in a millionFor a healthy lawn and environment we use only organic materials. Every lawn is different and the only way to identify your lawns specific needs is through soil testing. Once we can identify your lawns deficiencies we can then tailor a fertilization program to address those needs.

Soil Tests

Core samples are taken from multiple points in the yard and sent to a state certified agricultural lab. Results are usually received within 10 days. Cost is $30, this includes collection of samples, postage and lab fees.

Organic Fertilization

  • Compost Top Dressing– By adding a layer of compost to your lawn you will help to build soil structure, add nutrients to soil, boost soil microbiology, improve drought resistance and improve disease and pest resistance. For maximal benefit, turf should be core aerated just prior to applying compost top dressing.
  • Goat Tea– Our specially formulated vermicompost based tea will not only super charge your lawn and landscape with valuable nutrients but will also help to boost the soils microbiology. If soil test results reveal deficiencies, Goat Tea will be formulated to address those concerns. Goat Tea is also formulated with special amendments to address the needs of turf grass through the changing of the seasons.

Organic Weed Control

  • Pre-Emergent Weed Control– There a steps you can take early in the season to help prevent weeds from emerging. A generous layer of compost top dressing will help to suppress the germination of weed seeds. Corn Gluten can also be applied as a pre-emergent suppressor by preventing germinated weed seeds from setting a root. Both of these should be applies in early spring.
  • Post-Emergent Weed Control– If weeds do sprout throughout the season we can treat them using an OMRI registered post-emergent weed spray. This fast acting herbicide can be used to treat Dandelion, Creeping Charlie, Plantain,¬†Clover, Quack Grass, Barnyard Grass, Foxtail and more.

Soil Amendments

Soil amendments are compounds that can be added to the soil to improve it’s structure and it’s ability to provide nutrients to plants. As with fertilization, a soil tests will be needed to determine what if any soil amendments your lawn may need. Amendments are commonly used to address pH levels in the soil.

Commonly used amendments are-

  • Lime
  • Sulpher
  • Rock Phospate
  • Green Sand
  • Coffee Grounds
  • Compost
photo by: jenny downing