Why Grow An Organic Vegetable Garden?

Organic Garden

An organic vegetable garden can not only bring beauty to your yard and save you money on your grocery bills, but will also provide safe, chemical free and nutritious produce for your family.

Store bought vegetables are grown in fields that are most likely chemically fertilized. The problem with chemical fertilization whether in a farm field or a backyard garden is that it only focuses on 3 macro nutrients, Nitrogen, Potassium and Phosphate. It does not provide a spectrum of micronutrients. As a result, the plants themselves are less healthy and the produce that comes from them is nutritionally incomplete.  Studies have shown that today’s produce lacks in micronutrients such as calcium, copper, zinc, magnesium and others.

By growing an organic garden you can insure that your vegetables are not only chemical free but are also nutritious to their fullest potential. An organic garden requires a bit more physical work to prep but is actually far less expensive to maintain.

When we establish an organic garden the first step is to till and loosen the soil and then add compost and micronutrients. We will then till again mixing thoroughly. At this point you are ready to plant your vegetable plants.

Once everything is planted, we like to spread corn gluten meal over the top of the bed which acts as a pre-emergent weed suppressor stopping weed seeds from germinating and providing an extra boost of natural nitrogen to the soil. Please note, if you are starting plants from seeds in your garden bed, you do not want to use corn gluten until plants have sprouted.

As the season progresses we will spray the vegetable plants with Goat Tea, organic fertilizer once a month. This makes sure that their needs are met through every step of development.

With a little work setting up and minimal up keep, you can ensure that your family will have tasty, healthy and chemical free produce.