Natural Spider Repellent

spider repellant I really hate all creepy crawly insects. I recently got the nerve to kill spiders on my own. I just do not like them. The problem is, my daughter is a complete nature nut that loves all things in nature, including insects and bug.

Emma does not want me to kill any spiders or bugs that come in the house. She has small bug houses and tries catching them to keep in her habitat. Watching her pick up spiders with her bare hands just sends shivers up my spine. But I do respect her love for bugs and love her enthusiasm. With that said, I still do not want bugs, especially spiders in my house! The best way not to have a “discussion” with her about what to do with the spider we find crawling around, is just to keep them out of the house. Yes I choose to avoid the situation. So how do you keep spiders away?

spider repellantI make up a natural spider repellent and spray that everywhere! Here is my secret weapon against those 8 legged terrors!

Natural Spider Repellent spider repellent

  • Spray bottle (mine is 1 oz)
  • 2-3 drops peppermint essential oil (where to buy)
  • Water

Fill spray bottle with water and peppermint oil. Then spray around doors, windows and anywhere spiders can get in.

To learn more about essential oils and where to buy check out my post HERE.