Why Should You Use Compost Tea?

Compost Tea is the easiest, quickest and most inexpensive way to fertilize your lawn organically. The tea is sprayed directly onto the lawn in a liquid form quickly delivering its nutrients and microorganisms to the soil and its root system.

Our Goat Tea includes all of the benefits of standard compost tea and more. Goat Tea combines the use of standard compost along with vericompost and additional amendments. Vermicompost is the end-product of the breakdown of organic matter by worms (red wigglers).

We take the vermicompost or worm castings, mix it with other key organic ingredients and soak or brew it in water to make a compost tea that is filled with the vital nutrients your lawn is craving. Studies have shown that vermicompost tea not only is an excellent fertilizer and soil conditioner, but also reduces disease and improve soil health.


Benefits of Goat Tea

  • Adds nutrients to the soil and increases the availability of those nutrients to the plant. Worm compost typically contains between 5 to 11 times more nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous then ordinary soil.
  • Improves soil texture.
  • Increase plant growth and germination.
  • Increase microbial activity in the soil.
  • Improves water holding capability in the soil.
  • Decrease of compaction of the soil leading to better aeration.
  • Suppresses plant pest and disease attacks.

Since Goat Tea is an organic fertilizer, it can be applied as often as needed without any worry of damage to the lawn. We do recommend monthly application from April to November. As climate conditions change through the growing season, so does the needs of your lawn and plants. Goat Tea is not only formulated to address soil deficiencies but to also address these changing needs.


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