Why We Became an Organic Lawn Care Company

Why We Became an Organic Lawn Care CompanyOne question that I am always asked when meeting new customers is, how did we get into organic lawn care. It is not the prettiest or most flattering of stories, but it is what’s true. Hopefully it can be a cautionary tale that doesn’t happen to anyone else.

My passion for organics started in my 20’s with vegetable gardens. I was tired of my tomatoes tasting like miracle grow, so I started learning about organic vegetable gardens. Later in my 30’s I was a typical, naïve homeowner that thought I needed the “perfect” lawn. So I ventured into the local home improvement store and figured if they sold it, then it was safe. But man was I wrong.

I purchased what the man in the orange vest told me to. Went home and connected the sprayer to my hose and proceeded to spray the dandelions in my yard. After using up what was in the initial sprayer bottle I then opened the second bottle of concentrate and poured it into the sprayer bottle. In the process of pouring, some of the concentrate spilled onto my right hand. Without concern I finished spraying my lawn. An hour later I finished up and went into the house and washed my hands where I spilled the concentrate on.

After a few hours, the muscles in my right hand began twitching violently. This continued throughout the next day. By the end of the following day, I had lost all fine motor control in my right hand. Only through physical therapy was I able to regain the ability to open and close my right hand, but the fine motor never returned.

I didn’t realize at the time that this was pesticide poisoning. As a result, I vowed to not only keep chemicals far away from my family but to also educate others on their dangers. My hopes, by starting Billy Goat Lawn Care, is to provide people with alternatives to chemicals on their lawn. Every lawn that we can help convert from chemical to organic is a victory for us and the environment.

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